10 ways computer coding helps kids

Computer Coding involves writing instructions that a computer can understand and getting it to execute the instructions and produce the desired results. Coding skills are becoming more and more sought after due to the digitization we see all around us. Computer coding helps kids not only pick up a skill but sharpens their personalities too. Here are 10 ways coding skills boost a child.

How Computer Coding Helps Kids?
10 Ways Computer Coding Helps Kids

Teaches Logic

Simple Logic is easy to learn via coding. If there were 10 people in a bus and 4 got down at the previous stop, how many are still on the bus? While logic like this seems simple for adults, young children have a hard time grasping logic of this nature. Coding introduces these concepts with ease.

Improves analytical skills

Coding forces kids to put on their thinking caps. A simple program to add the first 10 digits can be written in several ways. Only one or two ways are the most efficient in terms of being the shortest to code and execute. Hence kids are forced to think and optimize their code.

Kids Busy Coding
Kids Busy Coding

Provides a fertile ground for their imagination

Coding also gives them a test bed to tinker with their imagination. Designing simple interfaces, designing web pages that catch users’ attention, creating mobile apps that have a stick-ability factor will all need a fertile imagination. Coding provides them the perfect opportunity to do so.

Gives them a safe place to experiment and fail

While coding comes with some learning curve, it does provide a failsafe testing zone. No risks and absolutely free from any limitations. Unlike the physical world where every trial will incur costs, coding a program and running it is absolutely inexpensive and can be repeated any number of times till the result sought after is achieved.

Boosts self confidence

One look at the face of a kid whose program has run flawlessly is enough to convince you of the amount of boost coding provides to kids. Small wins nudges them to explore the programming language further on their own. This leads to further wins. A positive confidence boosting cycle sets in.

Allows expression of ideas in myriad ways

Coding also bring a systematic and logical approach to a kids though process. This thought process gets applies to other areas in the class and at home. This in turn leads to myriad expression of ideas and opinions. A kid having learnt coding will also unconsciously structure his or thought process to lead to a definitive result.

Promotes ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking

Programming or coding also forces to children to think out of the boundaries that we adults tend to place unknowingly in their minds. We ask the kid to develop a program to add two numbers, but certain kids may go on to develop a program that does all kinds of arithmetic operations on two numbers.

Gives a head start in a professional careers

With computers pervading all fields, a professional in the coming years will prove more valuable when he is also a skilled programmer. Programming will become such an essential skill that programmers and coders will be the celebrity icons for the next generation.

Ingrains the logical and scientific method of work culture

Coding also sharpens the scientific temper and the systematic way of accomplishing tasks. It ingrains the need to be self disciplined. A simple task like debugging requires one to patient and orderly in ones approach.

Strengthens mathematical ability

Math abilities get polished with coding as the algorithmic approach to coding is similar to solving newer problems that require you to systematically apply the different math abilities learnt over the years in precise order to arrive at a solution.

These 10 ways are all the reasons to convince you that computer coding helps kids in multiple ways. Not just kids, these should convince you too to turn into a programmer.

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