3 questions every Class X Student needs to have answers for

Lakhs of students will be appearing for their first public examinations this coming March. While they are busy preparing for a life-defining moment, a huge number of them make one BIG Mistake! They never mull about their Future. Here are 3 questions every Class X Student needs to have answers for before the public board exams

These three questions might seem very obvious and it might even have crossed the minds of the students. A vast majority of them never seriously seek answers for these questions. At times, they also do not know where to seek guidance from to arrive at answers for these questions. Here’s a short guide to help students ask and be armed with the answers for these three questions.

Question 1: What do I want to do after Class X?

The first among the 3 questions every Class X Student needs to have answers for
What should I study after Class 10?

Throw this question at any Class Ten student and 4 out of 5 times, you only get back a smile or a giggle. Clearly, they have not thought about it with seriousness. This is the first and the most important among the 3 questions every Class X Student needs to have answers for.

Today, the Internet is a big boon for students to seek information that will help them arrive at an answer to this fundamental question that will define their future. A simple search phrase like “Study options after Class 10 in India” on Google or Bing throws up all the possibilities.

Question 2: What stream do I want to opt for?

This is a follow on question to the first one. If the student has found a clear answer to the first one, then this one comes next.

A student, having decided to pursue Pre-University Studies or Class XI and XII, must now decide on what stream he/she wants to opt for. The three common options available to choose from are Science, Commerce and Arts.

One can take up Science if they wish to engage in medicine, engineering or research and teaching at a later point of time.

Choose Commerce if you wish to pursue professions like Banker, Chartered Accountant (CA) or even Entrepreneurship

I recommend Arts highly for students intrigued by the mechanics driving human life and various allied fields like Humanities, Music, Dance, Journalism, Media, Archaeology, etc.

Millennials are often spoilt for choice but the decision to pursue a particular line must be taken after thorough research.

Questions 3: Where should I pursue my future studies?

What college will suit me? One of the 3 questions every Class X Student needs to have answers for
What college will suit me?

The last but not in any measure unimportant is the choice of college for future study. Choose a college which

  1. provides the right inputs in terms of quality lecturers, infrastructure and the right environment.
  2. delivers quality commensurate to the fees charged.
  3. provides a stimulating atmosphere to hone creative thinking and questioning.

Students should shortlist a few colleges, visit them personally, interact with the students and lecturers to learn more about what they offer. This will give the students the confidence to make the right decision once the Class X results are out. Here’s a detailed guide that can help students in choosing the right college.

Often, students who lack answers to these questions end up making decisions about future studies based on emotions rather than facts.

Typical examples I have seen are pursuing the same course as a buddy because you have not done your homework. Enrolling in a college in a hurry due to the fear of seats running out.

Having answers to the 3 questions helps one to make the right decisions when the time comes.

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