5 fabulous toys to teach kids to love their planet

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Ban-ki-moon, the former UN Secretary General once said, “We do not have a Planet B”. This little blue rock is the only place we can call home. It is the only place that supports life in this vast universe. It is imperative that we preserve it and pass it on to the next generation. What better way to do it than with toys. It is also essential we get the next generation to fall in love with earth. Here are a set of 5 fabulous toys to teach kids to love their planet.

Earth-themed toys are plenty. However, few achieve the objectives of educating and entertaining kids. Here are five of the best I have come across that really stand out. These earth-themed toys will surely make a great gift for your kids.

Our Precious Earth Activity Kit

Our Precious Earth Activity Kit

One gem of a toy activity kit that makes for a great gift. It has 8 separate activities in it. All the activities are geared to teach primary school kids about our planet, its landforms, the continents, the interior of the earth, important monuments across the planet and a peek into ocean life.

The kids are expected to assemble, stick and create sculptures using the materials provided. Most materials are semi-designed and needs a bit of hand holding on the part of the parents to guide their children.

These earth-themed activities are very engrossing and will keep kids engaged for hours together.

Age SuitabilityCustomer Rating
5+ years4.9 / 5.0 (43 ratings)

Balloons that resemble the Globe

Though I am yet to purchase this one, it is hard to resist with a 4 star rating on Amazon. Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they see continents coming to life when the balloons are inflated. As they play with the balloons, they start wondering what each shape is and the questions will start popping. Knowledge learnt with a imagery context gets retained in the mind for a much longer time.

This set of balloons are unique as they are a combination of the fun of balloons with the geography of Earth. The balloons can be inflated to a maximum size of 11 inches.

Age SuitabilityCustomer Rating
6+ years4.6 / 5 (1029 ratings)

Garden Drip Irrigation – DIY Kit

Funvention is a company that specialises in making pre-marked wooden boards from which various pieces can be popped out. These popped out pieces need to be then assembled to recreate the model of a toy, a guitar or the specified model.

I had got a spinner, a guitar and a car to be assembled for my kid and my nephew and niece. They enjoyed separating the pieces from the board and then reassembling it to make a spinner. They even coloured the spinner as suggested to make it thrown up interesting patterns while spinning.

Drip Irrigation Wooden Assembly Kit

The Drip Irrigation Wooden Assembly Kit is wonderfully conceptualized. The kit comes with quality wooden boards that have pre-carved pieces. The child is expected to pop out the pieces from the wooden board and assemble them. While the assembly is fun by itself, it is the end concept that is being passed on to kids that caught my attention.

Drip Irrigation Kit – What’s in the kit?

Drip Irrigation is a simple yet neglected way to save water. The kit teaches kids the essentials of how drip irrigation works. Once ready, the kid can even take the model to class and wow his teachers and friends. This Drip Irrigation Kit from Funvention is one excellent product that I personally recommend.

Age SuitabilityCustomer Rating
7+ years4.4 / 5 (37 ratings)

Expose your kid to Geology, the science of Rock Study

This is a unique science toy that aroused my curiosity on Amazon. I bought the Geological Collections set and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was indeed well thought out.

Geology Rock Kit

The kit was not some scam that I have usually seen with most science kits. They package a few cheap items and charge you a few hundred bucks.

Inside the Kit

This Geological Collections kit though has many useful items along with instructions that will get your kid started on elementary geology material. It even has a crossword and a sheet to document the findings by the kids as they test the rock sample provided.

Age SuitabilityCustomer Rating
9+ years4.0 / 5 (2 ratings)

1000 piece jigsaw on world monuments

If your kid is a jigsaw lover or you wish to inspire him/her to get curious about beautiful places around the world then this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is just what you should buy

The puzzle do take time, but each completed creation will definitely create a special interest in your kid to learn more about the place and maybe some day go visit it in person.

Age SuitabilityCustomer Rating
14+ years4.0 / 5
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