5 Question Quick Quiz on Hammer

Hammer is an ubiquitous tool. Ever since its invention, it has been used to smash stuff, drive in nails, flatten items. Even Gods have held them as weapons. Hammers have even found themselves as part of logos. Here’s a 5 question quick quiz to test your knowledge on hammer. Have a smash at them…
1. Name the hammer that a judge uses to bring order to the courtroom. 2. Which God in Norse mythology has a hammer for a weapon. 3. What is the hammer used by doctors to test the responsiveness of your limbs? 4. What is the common name given to a wooden hammer? 5. What does the symbol of a hammer and sickle represent?
Answers to Quick Quiz on Hammer
1. Gavel 2. Thor 3. Reflex hammer 4. Mallet 5. Unity between peasants/farmers and the working class.

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