5 Handy Tips for Students to stay productive during lockdowns and quarantines

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With lockdown in force in a majority of countries to help mitigate the Covid-19 crises, students are some of the worst-hit groups. Long gaps from the conventional forms of learning take their toll. However, here are 5 handy tips for students to stay productive during lockdown, quarantines or confinements.

stay productive even during lockdowns
Tips to stay productive during lockdowns and quarantines

Stay Productive Tip 1 – Wake up at the same time

Wake up at the same time as you would have if there was school or college. Perform the same routine tasks that you would to get ready for school or college.

Trick your mind into believing that you have a productive day to look forward to in school or college and that it is business as usual.

Stay Productive Tip 2 – Step out of your home

Move out of your living room into another part of your house or even to a different building if possible. Set up a desk and chair that will be your classroom for the time of the lockdown. Ensure it is a quiet place with minimal distractions. Also, make it just as similar to your classroom setting.

Stay Productive Tip 3 – Stick to the classroom schedule.

Typically your classes will be 40 minutes long with a 10-minute break after 2 sessions. Prepare a timetable that mimics this. This is yet another way to coax your mind into submission to do your bidding.

The idea behind this is to structure your day to mimic your regular days

Stay Productive Tip 4 – Polish off the important things first

Jot down the 3 most important things you wish to see done by evening today. Get going with these things.

Keep the toughest tasks upfront.

Stay Productive Tip 5 – Reflect on the progress made

During regular school or college, teachers and peer groups help you to reflect. However, you will now need to keep aside 10 minutes every day before you hit the bed for reflection.

Ponder over the positive things that transpired during the day. Make a note of the least productive time of the day and how you could change them the next day. Also, think about the unproductive stuff that threw your routine off track. Make a mental note to steer clear of such stuff.

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