Art of the Start – Getting Started is difficult for these 3 utterly simple reasons

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Most of us have a problem with achieving success. Success seems to be a mirage that keeps appearing at a distance but always seems to be out of reach. We despair that we just don’t seem to be made for success. However, the art of getting started in your quest of success and achieving it is not all that difficult if you use the tips below.

3 Reasons for not getting started

One of the chief reasons that success eludes a lot of us is that we never get started. One of the three culprits is often the cause of this.

  1. Procrastination
  2. Laziness
  3. Fear of the unknown

Reason 1 for not getting started – Procrastination

Tomorrow always seems better than today for starting something new. An hour later seems better than now for completing homework. Next week seems rosier to get working on the pending task than this week.

Getting Started often fails due to the act of postponement
Getting Started often fails due to the act of postponement

Postponing work or procrastinating is second nature to most of us. We do it without giving a second thought.

They often say, “Know the value of a second from the athlete who has come second in the Olympics. However, we do refuse to treat Time as a precious resource. Inherent in this lackadaisical attitude of ours is the false assumption we are never gonna run out of time.

Reason 2 for not getting started – Laziness

Often reason 1 is partly due to Laziness. Modern life and the ease of getting things done digitally has driven us as a species to become lazy.

T-Shirts worn by millennials scream tags that glorify and promote laziness. “I am not dozing, I am just thinking with my eyes closed”, “I love doing – right now I am doing nothing”

Reason 3 for not getting started – Fear of the unknown

Yet another reason for not getting started is the fear of the unknown – the fear of moving out of the comfort zone.

Moving out of our comfort zone prevents us from getting started
Moving out of our comfort zone prevents us from getting started

The fear of not knowing what one might encounter when treading a new path is the fear of encountering the unknown. “What if” often prevents us from taking up new tasks or doing something we have never tried doing before.

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