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That is, with feet quite parallel to the baseline and body at about a 45 degree angle towards the right for a right-handed player, isn’t it?I’m still puzzling a lot over how to solve this matter, probably due to my lack of knowledge and experience about the correct technique.Sorry for bothering you with such a long winded comment and thanks very much again for your outstanding way of teaching tennis!Thanks a lot for this kind feedback and a good question.While we have to learn the mechanical part of the serve consciously, we DO NOT learn how to hit targets consciously.The difference in angles of the racquet are way too small and they happen too fast for our conscious mind to track that.We need to follow the process of adjusting which you have done many times in your life when learning different skills like driving, using a computer mouse and so on.You attempt a shot, see where it goes, and then simply “want it” to go somewhere else based on the feedback from your previous shot.Hi again Tomaz and thanks a lot for your kind reply.I’ve just watched the articles that you mentioned.

Filed under Basic Tennis Rules, Rule on the Second Serve, Tennis Serving Rules. Also the two angles for the ‘hitting action with pronation’ has made the process clear to me now.Experiment with the height of your toss to see if you like a different rhythm and timing that happens because of that.Good to hear you’re on the right track now!Serve Unlocked is great! C’est chose faite.

A tennis serve is very much like the throw – but not exactly.

For a first serve that wins points, follow these tips on how to make your tennis serve your biggest weapon. Here are a few tips to make ball spin work to your advantage.Gilad Bloom explains the fundamentals of the cornerstone of tennis technique with this video tip from.This drill is designed to work specifically on shot placement and accuracy of the forehand. Le service de base est appelé « service à plat ». Votre challenge personnel.

Pour créer cet article, 55 personnes, certaines anonymes, ont participé à son édition et à son amélioration au fil du temps. Thanks.My question is when I go from the trofy position to the contact of hiting. Le Tennis Club de Sèvres, c’est aussi (et peut-être surtout) jouer au tennis dans un club convivial où se rencontrent et se lient d’amitié des joueurs de tous niveaux et de toutes générations.

Roddick’s technique required the ultimate participation of core muscles.Thank you very much and I hope you do not regret having shared your tennis knowledge.1.

I have improved a lot from your free videos and I have already had a breakthrough on the flat serve.

Au tennis, tous les points commencent par un service. A player will hit the ball with a racquet so it will fall into the diagonally opposite service box without being stopped by the net. Step 1: Correct your Service Stance In tennis, the ball is served diagonally across to the opponent’s service court.

Then introduce the ball.Then try again the next day.

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However I cannot find a method for consistency. Congratulations and Thanks!

Over this time I have transformed my serve from the weakest and most inconsistent stroke in my game to equal strongest (with my forehand). ACTIVE also makes it easy to learn and prepare for all the things you love to do with expert resources, training plans and fitness calculators.and/or its affiliates and licensors. Thanks, Sigurd.Yes, a smash is basically a serve without the backswing and without the follow-through.Your techniques help me to a great extent.Hi, When I try to do the 45° racquet edge lead before pronation, I always end up making it 1 movement. When the serve technique is not correct, then the serve is often more a liability than an asset.In order to learn correct tennis serve technique, simple serving tips won’t get you there.Instead you need to follow step-by-step progressions that build the service motion from the ground up.The following technical progressions of building a proper tennis serve can be used to correct your existing serve techniques if you find your serve ineffective.These step by step serve lessons can also be used if you’re a total beginner and want to learn correct serving technique from scratch.A proper tennis serve stance is when your feet are positioned so that the front foot is pointing towards the right net post (for right-handers) and the back foot is parallel to the baseline.Basic serve stance gives you balance in all directions.The toes of the back foot are also roughly aligned with the heel of the front foot because you need to be stable in all directions once you initiate and execute your full service motion.This is a basic stance which you adjust depending on which direction you’re serving to.If you’re a tennis beginner starting to learn correct serve technique, I suggest you.There are two types of stances on the serve: the platform stance and the pin-point stance.The platform serve stance is where the feet remain in the same position throughout the whole service motion.You simply bend your knees, coil and tilt your body and push off upwards into the serve.Pin point vs platform stance (Images credit: pin-point serve stance, on the other hand, is where you initiate the serve from a platform stance, but as you toss the ball up, you bring the back foot closer to the front foot and then push off upwards towards the ball.Both serve stances in tennis are correct, but typically the platform stance is used by more explosive players and the pin-point stance is used by taller players that are not looking for so much explosive power off the ground.A proper tennis serve grip technique is to hold a continental grip.There are many descriptions for how to find this grip.

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