Class Control – Secret #1

Class Control is one of the first tests by fire that a teacher needs to pass. No matter how qualified a teacher is, class control is something that cannot be taught as it is governed by several factors ranging from the teacher’s physique, personality, demeanor to command over content, presentation skills and voice modulations.

However as part of this mini series, we will explore some tricks that any teacher can use and improvise upon.

Never start off with your teaching the moment you walk into the class. Always, always and always ensure that the entire class is seated and completely focused on you and you alone before you get started. This has absolutely no alternative.

Any teacher worth his weight in gold will first ensure that he is the center of attention of all her/his students before beginning to engage them. Give your kids extra time if needed to settle down, sharpen their pencils, wrap up their previous subject’s activities if required. However, once the time is up, set the expectations that you will need their full undivided focus on you.

This may seem trivial but is one of the key skills to master. Often teachers both new and experienced fall into the trap that once I start teaching, kids will automatically focus. This is an absolute fallacy! It never happens. You might lull yourself into believing that it happens, but there is always an undercurrent of unrest waiting to wash out your efforts.

Look out for my second part in this series that talks about curbing ‘mass answering’

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2 thoughts on “Class Control – Secret #1”

  1. Hi Vijay,

    You may not remember me, I was your senior(PUC 2nd year-94 batch) at the Polyfibers School. Hope all of you are doing fine. I completely agree with you on the class-control technique. Just to add, it is an art to convert any unexciting topic to something very stimulating.
    I personally had this experience years ago, when Shri Prakash Rao Sir taught us Indian History. I still remember most of the exploits of the Mughals and others who ruled India. Great teachers usually don’t go by the rulebook or textbooks. Their passion for teaching keeps the students attentive in the class from the very beginning. This paves the way for a student to develop his interest in that subject.

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