Class Control Secret #2 – Enhance Classroom Participation Quality

Class Control Secret
Class Control Secret

The last part in this mini series was on getting the attention of the class before you started teaching. The last class control secret helped you get everybody’s focus.

Today, I will let you know yet another class control secret that works very well when you need students’ participation.

The Problem

This secret works very well especially when you are trying to elicit some answers or prompting students to contribute. A common problem when you try to do this is of ‘mass answering‘.

If the question is easy or centers around a well known domain, all students start answering at once. While the fact, that the majority of students answered the question, elates the teacher, it can also cause a din and commotion in the class. The exuberance of the students can literally disturb the adjoining classes. Here is where the solution I offer will be your class control secret.

The Solution – Class Control Secret to enhance ‘class participation quality’

The ‘class control secret’ is not only curbs the erratic behavioral pattern we discussed previously but also enhances ‘class participation quality’. The teacher has to be resolute that students avoid ‘mass answering’. Insist that all students must raise their hands to seek out the attention of the teacher. Else, they must wait for their turn, in case the teacher is following a particular pattern in inviting students to respond.

How this class control secret works

This simple insistence by a teacher, on the need to follow a particular mode of behavior, lets the teacher gain control of the class.

  1. The teacher can follow up with questions that can further the thought process of the students.
  2. It ensures a fair system where a few students do not end up hogging the limelight at the expense of the others.
  3. Keeps all students active, as they can expect a call from the teacher.
  4. Allows the teacher some time to process the answers given by students and praise them when needed.
  5. Boosts confidence of the teacher.
  6. Provides the slow learners to listen and pickup.

Why is this class control secret important?

A teacher can have all the good content. The teacher may be excellent in imparting lessons to kids. However, if the teacher cannot control the class when eliciting participation from the students, then all the knowledge imparted might amount to nothing. The teacher’s confidence too is battered. They may shy away from conducting a question-answer sessions. This is a negative outcome both for students and the teacher.

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