Coronavirus Information in India – Top 3 Resources to Stay on Top of the Epidemic

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As the Covid-19 virus or Coronavirus ravages countries across the world, it is imperative to keep oneself abreast of news regarding the virus. Here are 3 top resources that will bring Coronavirus information in India right to your fingertips.

Coronavirus Information in India #1

Real-time Coronavirus World Updates

Coronavirus Information in India - Covid Visualizer
Covid Visualizer – Information on Coronavirus statistics across the countries of the World

Developed by Navid Mamoon and Gabriel Rasskin, two students at Carnegie Mellon University, Covid Visualizer has a revolving globe. You can click on any country to know the current updates on Coronavirus spread in the country. The goal of this project is to provide a simple, interactive way to visualize the impact of COVID-19.

The data is from Worldometer’s real-time updates, utilizing reliable sources from around the world.

Coronavirus Information in India #2

Take a Coronavirus Self Test

Coronavirus Information in India - Apollo Risk Assessment
Apollo Group Coronavirus Risk Assessment

Apollo group of India have come up with a chat powered self-test to check if one might need to get oneself checked for Covid-19 virus. It is really cool and thoughtfully done. This single Coronavirus Information in India is worth all your time on this post.

Coronavirus Information in India #3

Government of India – Corona WhatsApp Helpdesk

Coronavirus Information in India - Government of India WhatsApp Help Desk
Government of India – Corona Whatsapp Helpdesk

The government of India has released a Whatsapp Helpdesk to help the citizens acquire the latest information on the virus through WhatsApp Tool on smartphones.

  • Just add the number +91-90131 51515 to your contacts.
  • Send a ‘Hi’ to the number
  • You will receive a set of menu options that you can then use

This Coronovirus Information in India will help you be updated on day to day happenings, seek and receive actionable information in case of emergencies.

While the virus is running rampage and governments across the world have resorted to lock-downs, here below are some interesting posts from my blog archive to keep you engaged. Stay Home, Stay Safe.

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