Digital Literacy – Mini Drama in English

A mini drama aimed at improving awareness among developing nations of the need for Digital Literacy in an age where all services are being digitized and technology is marching into every aspect of our lives. Digital Literacy – Mini Drama in English is something that teachers and students and pick up and act in their respective schools.

[Scene 1 – Headmaster’s office]

HEAD MASTER: Vinay, you are absolutely not paying attention to Social subject. How do you expect to pass Class X if this trend continues. We are already into August.

VINAY: I am trying sir, but somehow I find Social really difficult, Sir

Digital Literacy Mini Drama - Vinay with Headmaster
Vinay with Headmaster

HEAD MASTER: I know…I know. You are exceptionally good at Math and Science. It is your Social marks that are a cause for concern. Start putting efforts Vinay. I am sure you can do it.

VINAY: Sorry to disappoint you sir, but I will put in more efforts.

HEAD MASTER: Ok, you may leave

VINAY: Thank you Sir

[Scene 2 – On the way home. Vinay sees his neighbour, Uncle Subhas fiddling at a phone]

VINAY: What happened Uncle? You seem to be having a problem with the phone.

SUBHAS UNCLE: Yes son…. These mobile phones never make any sense. I am to click a photo of the rose plants in my verandah to my daughter in America. I am clueless. She asked me to send through Whatsapp.

VINAY: Is that all, Uncle. I can help you. [Vinay takes the mobile, clicks a few pictures of the rose plants and shows Uncle Subhas, how to send it through Whatsapp.] There you go Uncle. The Single tick beside the photo shows that the photo has been sent. A Double tick like this indicates it has been delivered to your daughter’s mobile. A blue coloured Double tick indicates that your daughter has seen the photos.

SUBHAS UNCLE: Thank you Vinay Beta. You were such a help. I learnt quite a lot today. You are sharp with gadgets and modern technologies.

VINAY: No problem uncle. It was a pleasure. See you later.

[Further down the road…Vinay sees his head master outside his home]

VINAY: Good Evening Sir.

HEAD MASTER: Good Evening Vinay.

VINAY: Sir, you seem to be waiting for somebody

HEAD MASTER: No Vinay, I just came out of the house as I do not get good reception for my mobile phone inside the home. I am expecting a call.

VINAY: Oh I see, must be from your son in Bengaluru. Correct sir?

HEAD MASTER: No Vinay, I got a call ten minutes back from my bank, the State Bank of India. A person mentioned that he had to verify my ATM card and asked me for its number. He said that I will get an OTP in 10 minutes. He said he will call me in 10 minutes and I need to tell him the OTP.  That he said will happen 3 times over the next 3 days for the verification to to be complete. Hence I came out in anticipation of his call.

VINAY: Sir, did you get the OTP?

HEAD MASTER: Yes, I just did as I was talking to you.

VINAY: Please read the OTP sir.


VINAY: Trust me sir, Please read it.

HEAD MASTER: 374623 is the OTP for transaction of INR 12500 at with your SBI Card XX 4543. OTP is valid for 10 minutes. Please do not share with anyone.

VINAY: Sir, the SMS clearly says that you should not share the OTP with anyone.

HEAD MASTER: Yes, but this guy who will call me said he is from SBI itself.

VINAY: Sir, it is a big fraud. These people mask themselves as people from the bank and swindle people of their hard earned money. My cousin’s friend in Mumbai lost 1.2 lakh rupees in a matter of 10 minutes last month just like this, Sir.

HEAD MASTER: Oh! Is it? I never got ani inkling of doubt. [Phone rings] See, here comes the phone. [Phone Rings]

VINAY: Sir, let me pick the phone

HEAD MASTER: Here take it

VINAY: Hello, Whoever you are, I am going to report your number to the police cyber security cell. You are swindling people of their money.

{Phone goes dead at the other end]

Digital Literacy Tree - Mini Drama on Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy Tree

VINAY: He hung up sir as his game was up. If you had given your OTP, he would have swindled you of Rs 12500 right today. Please be careful sir.

HEAD MASTER: Thank you Vinay. You opened my eyes.

[Subhas uncle walks in]

SUBHAS UNCLE: I was overhearing all the conversation. Vinay had just helped me with some digital stuff 30 minutes back. And here he is saving you from bankruptcy.

HEAD MASTER: Yes Subhas, I can’t imagine my plight had Vinay not come in the nick of time. I owe him heavily.

VINAY: Sir, I just did my duty. I am happy that I could educate you on the digital working of OTP

HEAD MASTER: Yes, Vinay, I think you can educate the whole village on some of these aspects. We all in the village can benefit from your skills. I was wondering if you could conduct a few sessions to help make us adults digitally  literate?

SUBHAS UNCLE: Excellent Idea. We should definitely do this. Who better than an youngster to get us all digitally literate. Vinay is the ideal candidate.

VINAY: Oh Sure sir I would love to.

HEAD MASTER: And in return, I will coach you on Social for and extra hour each evening. Does that sound good?

VINAY: Sure sir, I am so happy. Thank you sir, thank you.


Digital Literacy – Mini Drama in English

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