Does your teaching style pass the triangle test?

Does your teaching style pass the triangle test? Click To Tweet

Every teacher has a teaching style. Each style is unique and can be self made or an amalgamation of best practices. Whatever the case, a teaching style needs to conform to 3 core requirements.

3 core requirements in a teaching style

The Triangle Test to gauge a teaching style

Imagine a triangle with its 3 vertices reminding you of the 3 core requirements that must be seen in any effective teaching style.

Does your teaching style pass the triangle test?
Does your teaching style pass the Triangle Test?

Your teaching style…

  1. …must Evolve over time and never stagnate.
  2. …must be Flexible to accommodate different contexts and chapters in your subject.
  3. …must be Appealing to your students.

With these 3 core factors in mind, I have adopted the storytelling teaching style. Whether it is science, math or social, I convert anything to be taught into a captivating story. A story that weaves through the concepts and tries to engage the student.

An example of teaching Science via storytelling teaching style.

Let’s say I am teaching about the solar system. I make up a story about two good friends, a girl named Kovi and her favourite bunny named Bubu who accidentally start their Dad’s spaceship and blast off to space on a preset journey that takes them to the 8 planets. My images downloaded from Google pop up on the classroom TV screen to describe planet closeups that Kovi and Bubu might have seen from their spaceship’s porthole.

An example of teaching Math via storytelling teaching style

Suppose I am teaching geometry, I create a character called Mr Line. He is the lord of the kingdom call Geometry. He is the one who leads us through the land introducing us to his subjects like a line segment, ray, point, etc.

Advantages of Story Based Teaching Style

The Advantages of Story-Based Teaching style Click To Tweet
  • It helps students to stay engaged with the teacher.
  • Gives the teacher a natural flow
  • Helps students recollect long after the lecture is over.
  • Creates a photographic memory in students’ mind.
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