Home Science Experiments – Simple Home Made Microscope

I am excited to show you how to make a simple but highly effective Microscope at home

Cut out the bottom of a plastic water bottle. Cut 2 deep slots opposite to each other as shown.

Cut 2 shallow slots opposite to each other in between the deep slots.

Take a plastic bottle and cut out some flat rectangular pieces that will act like our slides.

Make sure that the slides are long enough to rest across the slots like this

Take a slide and put the object to be magnified on it. If required, use some transparent tape to fix the object in place

Place this slide across the deep slots

Now place a blank slide across the shallow slots. Use a straw to form a tiny water drop on this slide.

Observe the object on the lower slide through this water drop. You should see a magnified image.

This works because the water drop acts as a convex lens. It causes refraction or ‘bending of the light rays’. As the refracted rays reach the eyes, the object appears magnified.

Stupendous!, isn’t it?

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