Indian General Elections 2019 – Flip Quiz

When the world’s largest democracy goes to elections, it is an event unparalleled across the globe. With the people of a 1.3 billion strong population choosing to select the representatives who will act as the law makers for the country for the next 5 years, it represents the ultimate rule of the people. In celebration of the Indian General Elections 2019 currently being held, here’s a flip quiz that should enthrall quiz lovers, democracy aficionados and social studies students alike.

Take the quiz and discover the myriad aspects that go into making the elections a grand festival of democracy. Do not forget to share the quiz with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Enjoy Quizzing!

PS: For answers click on each image

What is the name of the BJP Manifesto?

BJP Party Releasing its Manifesto for 2019 Elections Click to Flip
Sankalp Patra - Letter of Promise

What is the total number of eligible voters? (Mind boggling number warning!)

BJP Rally Click to Flip
900 Million Eligible Voters

What does the official logo of the Election Commission state the elections as?

Election Commission of India Click to Flip
Desh Ka Maha Tyohhar - The Great Festival of India (in Hindi)

Out of 545 seats in the People's House in the Parliament, two seats are reserved for a community. Which one?

Anglo Indians Click to Flip
Anglo Indian Community

What does the NOTA option in the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) stand for?

Electronic Voting Machine India Click to Flip
None Of The Above - An option used by a voter if he wishes to NOT vote for any of the candidates contesting

What system was put in place to counter the claim of parties that the vote cast did not always go to the desired party/candidate?

Inking of the Finger - Indian Elections Click to Flip
VVPAT - Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail

Which two companies manufacture Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) in India?

Manufacturing of EVMs Click to Flip
Electronics Corporation of India Limited and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

Only one company is authorized to the make the black indelible ink used to mark voter's finger nails. Name the company

Indelible Ink Application to Finger Click to Flip
Mysore Paints and Varnishes Private Limited

What is the estimated paper saved during Indian elections due to the use of EVMs?

Google Logo on Indian Elections Click to Flip
10,000 Tonnes of Paper


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