IT Quiz 2019 – Edition 3

Quiz Questions and Answers
Quiz Questions and Answers

With JIO continuing to steam roll the 4G market, a report on Internet usage has stated that fixed broadband growth has touched its lowest growth rate in the last 5 years. Indians have been enjoying high speed internet on their mobiles at dirt cheap rates.

Today’s Information technology (IT Quiz) quiz touches on this and many other aspects as the digital world continues to amaze us. Try this quiz and keep yourself updated!

  1. What feature is Facebook planning to release for kids?
  2. Expand DND.
  3. Which company’s smartwatch technology did Google purchase in 2019?
  4. What is the total number of Indians subscribing to fixed broadband?
  5. Under what tag is the latest meme game fad making the rounds on the Internet (Jan 2019)?
  6. Which Indian startup in the hospitality business has been funded by the Vision Fund set up by Masayoshi Son, the Chairman of SoftBank?
  7. GDPR – One of the recent changes to privacy regulation in the digital age was made by which country or group of countries?
  8. Which NSA agent’s fleeing of United States with NSA data that revealed large scale snooping on citizens happened in 2013?
  9. Which Indian Institute was the first to introduce a Bachelor’s program in Artificial Intelligence in January 2019?
  10. What does ‘pixel’ stand for?


  1. LOL – A hub for kids to share funny content
  2. Do Not Disturb – A national registry wherein a user can register his phone number in case he does not wish to receive ad calls
  3. Fossil
  4. 500 million
  5. #10YearChallenge
  6. OYO
  7. European Union
  8. Edward Snowden
  9. IIT Hyderabad
  10. Short form for ‘PI(X)cture ELement’
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