IT Quiz 2019 – Edition 4

As we step into February of 2019, there is an added emphasis on new digital disruptions like IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

Here’s yet another set of 10 quiz questions from the Information Technology space to challenge your understanding of the space.

Take the quiz and do share with your circle of friends.

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IT (Information Technology) Quiz 2019 - Edition 4
IT (Information Technology) Quiz 2019 – Edition 4
  1. Which streaming video app is the most popular in India?
  2. What popular programming language has been invented by
    Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer?
  3. What Google service allows users to point the smartphone camera at everyday objects to get more information about them?
  4. Which is the world’s largest online bus ticket booking service?
  5. Expand PDF
  6. What ancient Chinese invention is regarded as the world’s first calculator?
  7. Which famous clamshell phone from Motorola is rumoured to come back with a foldable screen this time around?
  8. What is a post on Twitter by a user called?
  9. What was the first version of Windows OS?
  10. What famous PC game involves a dot chomping bot that needs to go around a maze chomping the dots while being chased down by 4 enemy bots?


  1. HotStar
  2. Python
  3. Google Lens
  4. Redbus
  5. Portable Document Format
  6. Abacus
  7. Motorola Razr
  8. A Tweet
  9. Win 3.1
  10. PacMan
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