IT Quiz – The week’s best tech knowledge in the form of a quiz

From Google announcements of new milestones for its products to quite a few records being broken on the Internet, the week was an exciting one in the field of IT. This IT quiz wraps it all up in a fun quiz round. Have fun !!!

Quiz Questions and Answers
Quiz Questions and Answers
  1. Which mobile company produces the Galaxy series of smart mobile phones?
  2. What is the new feature of WhatsApp that allows users to see a YouTube video within the app?
  3. What is the name of India’s first microprocessor created by IIT-Madras?
  4. What is the name given to a series of digital audio files made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device and typically available as a series?
  5. Which Indian company is about to become the #1 Youtube channel in terms of views of its videos?
  6. Which UK airport, the second busiest in the country, has been repeatedly forced to ground its planes due to drones intruding the airport area?
  7. What is Google’s AI-powered camera tool, released in 2017 called?
  8. Which popular mobile game has a tagline ‘Winner winner, Chicken Dinner”?
  9. Which shoe company released ‘self-lacing shoes’ in 2018?
  10. What is the name of Google’s smartphone keyboard app that now supports 576 languages (as of 2018)?


  1. Samsung
  2. Picture-in-Picture
  3. Shakti
  4. Podcast
  5. T-Series
  6. Gatwick Airport near London
  7. Google Lens
  8. PUBG
  9. Nike
  10. Gboard

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