Make Paper Origami Aeroplanes that fly the farthest

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As a kid, the best origami I loved doing was the one that had something to do with flying, hovering and gliding. Paper Origami Aeroplanes were a natural favourite. Even as an adult, I am still attracted to Youtube videos that teach you to make unique paper origami aeroplanes that can fly and glide fantastically.

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I chanced upon this video sometime last year when I was trying to get my daughter hooked on to the topic of making Origami Airplanes. This video talked of preparing five different origami aeroplanes that could presumably fly the fastest. I have tried each one of them and the paper aeroplanes that I prepared did break all my personal records for longest flight.

Make paper origami aeroplanes that fly the farthest

Interested in more paper origami aeroplanes?

Check out some of these books from Amazon that are the best in Origami, the Japanese art of fine paper folding.

Make 24 Paper Planes: Includes Awesome Launcher Kit!

This book is a top seller with 5 star rating on the Amazon store.

The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book

Top of the shelf book with a perfect 5 star rating

Paper Planes (Boy Stuff)

Another superb book with 4.7 stars on the Amazon store.

Why kids will love making paper planes?

  1. Origami paper planes are a wonderful STEM activity that teaches kids about the Science behind flight; the Technology that allows planes to glide the longest; the Engineering that goes into long distance flight; the Math that allows precision folding to make a perfect long distance flier.
  2. It is a wonderful way for the family to bond a on a Sunday afternoon.
  3. It allows for some healthy competition while the kids learn paper folding skills.
  4. Allows kids to explore origami as a serious hobby by kindling their interest in the topic.
  5. Teachers and Parents can use this activity to encourage slow learners too.
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