Mini Drama – Blood Donation

This is another drama in the mini drama series for kids. Blood Donation is a mini drama that focuses on the importance of donating blood and how it could save lives of people who have lost blood in accidents. It also tries to dispel some of the common misconceptions people have about blood donation.

[A patient is being given blood on a bed. His friend Madan is beside him. A doctor comes up to check on the patient]

DOCTOR: Mr. Madan, You will need to quickly arrange for some blood. Else, the life of this patient will not be in our hands to rescue.

MADAN: Ok Doctor, I will arrange for the blood as soon as possible.

[ Doctor nods and goes out. Harish and Dinesh walk in]

HARISH: Madan, what did the doctor say?

MADAN: The doctor says that he has lost a lot of blood in the accident. His only hope is for some donor blood.

DINESH: Is that all? I am ready to donate blood right away. How about you Harish? I am sure you will be ready to donate too, isn’t it?

Blood Donation is the most supreme of all donations
Blood Donation is the most supreme of all donations

HARISH: No No…. Not me. I am very weak myself. If I donate blood, I may end up dying myself.

DINESH: Silly Harish! They are not going to drain away all your blood. Doctors will only take 500ml of your blood. Your body has about 4.5 to 5 litres of blood. By donating blood every 6 months, your circulatory system and blood will be healthy.

HARISH: Aiyo, No Need. Who knows how many years it may take to recover the blood I donate.

DINESH: You do not need to worry so much Harish. Our body is wonderful object of creation. It will replenish the blood in just 24 hours.

MADAN: Don’t while away time talking to Harish now. You please go, donate blood immediately.

DINESH: Ok  Madan [Dinesh walks out in quick steps]

MADAN: Harish, Blood donation is the most supreme of all donations. Donating Money or Food may temporarily give relief to a person facing monetary problems or facing hunger. However, every drop of blood you donate can save somebody’s life.

HARISH: You may try to convince me Madan. But I am not ready to donate even one drop.

MADAN: Ok, your wish. Nobody is forcing you.

[Dinesh returns after a while]

DINESH: See my friend, Donating blood is an easy task that takes just 15-20 minutes. You will not experience any pain. You may feel a temporary weakness, but that passes away quickly. Donating blood regularly also keeps diseases like diabetes, blood pressure under check as per recent studies.

DOCTOR: You are right Mr. Dinesh. The blood you donate is not just helping your friend. We can give it to multiple patients depending on the need.

HARISH: I did not get it, Doctor.

DOCTOR: What I meant to say is that your blood has many components like haemoglobin, plasma, WBCs, etc. We can even separate these components to be given to different patients.

MADAN: Thanks for the information doctor. How is our friend doing now?

DOCTOR: He is improving now. There is no danger to his life now. He is lucky to have friends like you. Your timely action of donating blood saved his life. God bless you all.

HARISH: Dear friends, I am ashamed. You have removed the wrong impression I had about blood donation. I will start donating blood from now on. I will proudly become a blood donor.

[Everybody hugs each other]


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