Mini Drama – Effects of Electronic Gadgets

Mini Drama – Effects of Electronic Gadgets

Rohit and Pranav are close friends and gadget lovers. They love to keep track of the latest mobile phone, laptop or tablet in the market. They also love playing electronic games and boasting of their prowess]

[Scene 1: Park Bench]

ROHIT: Hey Pranav, This is so cool dude, did you have a look at this?

PRANAV: What is it yaar?

ROHIT: Look at this game PUBG. Its awesome, great graphics and such an interesting game. I am hooked man.

PRANAV: [peering in] Let me try too. This is a first person shooter game. Wow, one of my favorites. Give me a chance Rohit.

ROHIT: [after playing on it by taking turns] Whoa, your shooting was great, Pranav. The zombies never had a chance.

PRANAV: I am a pro, buddy. But you too can pick up if you practice.

ROHIT: That’s exactly what I am going to do today.

PRANAV: Ok, crush them all buddy [Both give high fives and say their byes]

[Scene 2: Rohit’s Home]

[Rohit walks in playing on his tablet]

MOTHER: How many times have I told you not to take the tablet outside the house, Rohit?

ROHIT: [Not paying attention]

MOTHER: Rohit, ROHIT !! Are you dumb?

ROHIT: Sorry Mom, I did not hear you.

MOTHER: When do you hear me, even if you hear me, do you act on my words? NEVER.

ROHIT: I am going to my room, Mom.

MOTHER: Wash yourself up and drink the milk I have placed in the kitchen for you. For God’s sake, keep that tablet aside and study Rohit. Your tests are just around the corner. I am going out to Nirmala aunt’s house. I will be back in 30 minutes.

ROHIT: Ok Mom.

ROHIT: [engrossed in playing…..30 minutes pass…Mother walks back]

MOTHER: Aiyo!! What should I do with this boy. Rohit, you are still with that useless tablet. Your milk is still in the kitchen. You seriously need a lesson from Dad. I am going to report you to Dad.

ROHIT: No mom…..I hardly played 30 minutes. I will get down to studies now. Promise. [Gulps his milk down]

MOTHER: Off to your room, now. Give me the tablet now. Didn’t you see the TV news yesterday. Long hours at the tablet have a bad effect on your health and can even make you go blind over a period of time. Did Dad not make you read the newspaper article on a Japanese boy yesterday who played for 12 hours straight and ended up losing his sight .

[ Rohit sits at his table, open his book to study. His mind is however preoccupied by the game in the tablet. He tries to focus himself, but soon falls asleep at the desk. ]

[ Dream begins – A dummy boy continues sleeping at the desk as Rohit. The real Rohit continues the enactment]

[knock on the window – Rohit is startled and looks up from his book. He sees Pranav and opens the window to let him in]

ROHIT: What are you doing here at this time?

PRANAV: I could not control myself. You told me you will play all night today. Hence I came.

ROHIT:  Gosh! So nice of you. Let’s get the tablet and play.

[Rohit tiptoes to the hall and gets the tablet and they both start playing.

[After some time]

ROHIT: I am having a headache.

PRANAV: That’s just temporary. Continue playing, You are only one level away from the championship.

ROHIT: Pranav, I am unable to stretch my fingers. My fingers are frozen. [Displays the bent fingers on  his hand]

PRANAV: Don’t joke buddy. You have a good sense of humour.

ROHIT: No Pranav, I am serious. [Sounding desperate] Please help me Pranav.

PRANAV:  You can’t fool me buddy… try your tricks on the hapless Satish in class.

ROHIT: [panicking] Amma, amma..I can’t get my fingers straight [he gets the books on the shelf to fall, he stumbles over Pranav….and tries to make it to the door. Knocks off the tablet from Pranav’s hands….Pranav bends down to pick up the tablet.]

[Rohit is literally shouting for help. …. Suddenly he sees Pranav get up behind the study table in the form of a zombie. ]

Mini Drama - Effects of Electronic Gadgets - Kids attacked by Zombie
Rohit being attacked by Zombie Pranav

[Rohit turns around to see Pranav about to leap at him in the form of a zombie and lets out a shriek. Pranav leaps at him and tears at his eyes….and they both roll off the stage. The sleeping Rohit continues shrieking while Mom opens the door and rushes in.]      

[End of dream]

Mom is shaking Rohit awake.

MOTHER: Why are you shouting, Rohit, that too in sleep. Had a night mare?

ROHIT: Ah!! Sorry mom, never will I touch that stupid tablet again.  Throw that thing away. Such an awful nightmare. It has made me realize what tablet and game addiction can do. Phew! Thank God, I am alive.


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