Nicknames among students – Dealing with it

Calling nicknames, teasing friends are all a part of growing up. Friendship brings kids closer; closeness breeds complicity and kids lose track of when they have crossed the red line. What starts of as a harmless joke or prank takes a serious twist in no time at all.

Dealing with this menace is a nightmare for teachers because both parties accuse each of creating the problem. Both will come armed with a set of witnesses claiming their innocence. Here are a few step that teachers can try out to curb this menace

No name calling – even for fun: Nip the menace at the bud. Make it clear that name calling or nicknaming will not be tolerated even if it was for harmless fun. Give the power to children to report name calling and respond with strict disciplinary action.

Repeat offenders need to be dealt with from a logical angle. Reason out with the child and get him/her to put themselves in the shoes of the child who had been their target. Appeal to their conscience to get them to understand.

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