One Plus 5 – Two Game Changers

Its been about 2 weeks since I started using the One Plus 5 – the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB variant. The phone has been extremely liberating from all my previous Android phone experiences.

Two of its key features have been absolute game changers for me. Literally, I have abandoned habits that had been formed due to my former phones. One, the C-USB Dash Charger which charges the phone from 0 to 100% in about 30-40 minutes and two, the 128 GB internal memory have been just awesome.

  1. I worry no more about remembering to keep the phone for charge overnight.
  2. I worry no more about what to delete from my phone to make space for the new app/game I need to try from the Google Play Store.

I just get up in the morning and plug it in as I enter the bathroom. And lo! by the time I am done dressing and ready to hit the road, my phone’s all juiced up.

I install any app from the Play Store without an iota of worry. 215 apps later, I still have 65 GB free from the available 111 GB. Hurray !!

Buy the One Plus 5  here

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