Quiz: Can you beat a 6th grader?

Quiz Questions and Answers
Quiz Questions and Answers

Here’s a general quiz of 8 questions that will test if you can beat a 6th grader! Attempt them and pass on the trivia to your friends and colleagues.

  1. What was the name of the father of the Kauravas?
  2. Who played the role of an Indian born NASA scientist in the Hindi movie Swades?
  3. Who coined the slogan – ‘Jai Jawan – Jai Kisan’?
  4. Which two cities will the Bullet Train in India connect?
  5. Which is the largest sea?
  6. What is considered a wholesome food by people in the Middle East?
  7. What is the plant matter that cannot be digested by humans but is easily digested by cows?
  8. Which city of Karnataka is famous for Kardantu – a sweet made of dry fruits?



  1. Dhritharashtra
  2. Shah Rukh Khan
  3. Lal Bahadur Shastri – India’s 2nd PM
  4. Ahmedabad and Mumbai’
  5. South China Sea
  6. Dates
  7. Cellulose
  8. Gokak

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