Quiz on Fundamentals of Computers

Computers have been ruling the scene of human development ever since the 1960s. Man has always looked to ease the burden of computation from time immemorial. Right from the time of inventing the cord with knots to count sheep, man has come with ingenuous ways to get help from devices.

How much do you know about the fundamentals of Computers? Here’s a short quiz to help you find out. Read the questions below and click on the cards to flip and reveal the answer. Good luck and enjoy the quiz.

Expand ALU in computer parlance

Computer Quiz - ALU Registers Click to Flip
Arithmetic and Logic Unit

What simple device is acknowledged as the earliest calculating device?

Computer Quiz - Abacus Click to Flip
Abacus - Chinese Counting beads

What multiplication tool was invented by Scottish Mathematician John Napier?

Computer Quiz - Napier's Bones Click to Flip
Napier's Bones

The rotating wheel calculator is widely regarded as the first mechanical calculator to be invented. Who invented it?

Computer Quiz - Pascaline Calculator Click to Flip
Blaise Pascal - The machine is also called Pascaline

What invention of Joseph Mary Jacquard is regarded as the first 'Read Only Memory'?

Computer Quiz - Power Loom Calculator Click to Flip
Power Loom Calculator

The Difference Engine and Analytical Engine were both invented by a man regarded as the 'Father of Computers'. Who are we referring to?

Computer Quiz - Difference and Analytical Engines Click to Flip
Charles Babbage

What is Ada Lovelace, regarded the first programmer, famous for in the field of computers?

Computer Quiz - Ada Lovelace Click to Flip
Invention of Algorithms

What was the machine invented by the founder of IBM, Herman Hollerith that was used to aid the census of USA?

Computer Quiz - Hollerith Tabulating Machine Click to Flip
Hollerith Tabulating Machine

What did ENIAC, the world's first electric computer use as its processing unit?

Computer Quiz - Vacuum Tube Click to Flip
Vacuum Tubes
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