Teacher’s First Day at New Class: Strict? Lenient? Midway?

New teachers are always in the firing range of students. Students like to establish their territory before the teacher defines her rules. Teachers are divided between ‘being strict’ versus ‘being lenient’ since it is their first day. Hence the tussle, the added confusion during the first few days. Given below are a few things that you would tend to observe as you settle down into your new class

  1. The naughty ones will try out new tricks to check out the breaking point of the new teacher.
  2. The usually reticent children will be quite active and talkative
  3. The bright ones will be eager throughout to show off their smartness and keep throwing suggestions

What should be your approach?

When you are new to the class, the best thing to do is to establish your firm authority. Stamp your expectations on Day 1. This helps send the message quite clearly to the class that you are not one to be messed with

  1. Lay out a set of rules and clearly draw the red lines (rules not to be broken under any circumstance)
  2. Spell out clearly the times you are available in case of student queries.
  3. Maintain a demeanor (outward appearance) that you can carry with you for the rest of the year

First impressions make a mark and that paints a picture of the teacher in your students’ minds. That image tends to dictate their behavior in your class for the rest of the year.


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