The difference between Education and Teaching

A question that is often put in front of me concerns the difference between Education and Teaching. I frequently wonder about the root of the confusion.

Education is what you pour into your students. You can educate a kid or another person on facts, discipline, skills, moral values, etc. Education is what enables students to lead fairly independent lives as adults.

Education versus Teaching

Teaching, on the other hand, is the container through which you pour the content. In other words, teaching is how you pass on the education to your students. You can do it via

  1. chalk and talk method,
  2. the use of a teaching aid
  3. a live demo
  4. the narration of your experience and so on

In summary, Education is the ‘Content’ and Teaching is the ‘Vehicle for Delivery of the Content’.

This post is a extension of my answer on Quora originally.

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