Top 5 reasons how an MBA degree can help

It’s a popular said that an MBA is one of the few degrees that makes you a generalist as against a specialist. Is that good or bad? I believe it can actually be good. Here are the top 5 reasons how an MBA degree can help you.

How does an MBA degree help?
How does an MBA degree help?

An MBA is a scout’s camp

Just as a Scout’s camp helps prepare kids for essential life skills, an MBA degree equips the student with essential managerial skills. Managing money, managing people, managing resources and managing time form the essential skills that will prepare you for higher management roles in any industry.

An MBA helps you network

Depending on the college of choice, an MBA helps you network. You get to befriend other students, both older and younger, and who also are at different stages of their professional lives. Valuable bonds that will help boost your career are formed in an MBA college campus.

An MBA helps you network with people from different walks of life
An MBA helps you network with people from different walks of life

MBA knowledge will inspire the entrepreneur in you

This one is my favourite among the top 5 reasons how an MBA helps. The knowledge you receive from an MBA degree is designed to inspire the entrepreneur in you.

If you start your own business the MBA skillset will bring out the entrepreneur in you. Get creative in your own department or line of business and it will let out the intrapreneur in you

An MBA refines and sharpens your thought process

Process-oriented thinking becomes an essential component of your thought processing toolset. Every question that you encounter will be subjected to a

  • A Cost versus Benefit filter
  • Short Term versus Long Term Merits/Demerits filter
  • SWOT analysis (Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threats)
  • and more

in your mind. Your thinking skills acquire a critical edge. These help you see and analyse things from a perspective that ordinary people may not even be able to fathom.

MBA widens your worldly view

An MBA degree also enables you to drastically alter your worldly view. Human behaviour, World politics, etc will be seen through the prism of how scarcity/surplus, demand/lack of demand force people to take stands, politicians to take nonsensical stands, etc.

The wisdom behind the popular saying that “The wing beat of a butterfly can cause a tsunami halfway across the world” will become apparent.

A key component of an MBA is the critical analysis of dozens of case studies along with your batch mates. This provides a unique insight into how upbringing, culture and society influence and impair a person’s thoughts and judgements.

If you are you still thinking of taking up an MBA degree, think no more. I strongly suggest you go ahead and take the plunge. You will never regret it.

Here’s a book to read and a website to visit if you really do not have the time to do an MBA πŸ˜›

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