50 Amazing General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

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Quizzes never cease to thrill. Here’s a set of 50 general knowledge quiz questions and answers that can come in handy for a quick quiz or just to test yourself if you still can answer quiz questions that are answerable by a high schooler. So let’s get started with the quiz…

Quiz Questions and Answers
Quiz Questions and Answers

50 Amazing Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Complete the proverb "A stitch in time...
    A) ...saves nine"
2. How many teeth does an adult human being have?
    A) 32
3. What planet is in between Jupiter and Uranus?
    A) Saturn
4. Which party does prime minister Narendra Modi belong to?
    A) Bhartiya Janata party (BJP)
5. What is the name of the famous beach close to Udupi?
    A) Malpe beach
6. How many items are present in 1 dozen?
    A) 12
7. What game do Saina Nehwal, P V Sindhu and Kidambi Srikanth play?
    A) Badminton
8. How many sides does a pentagon have?
    A) 5
9. Where is Kanteerava indoor stadium located?
    A) Bengaluru
10. What country did Russia recently attack?
    A) Ukraine
11. Who is the current president of United States of America?
    A) Joe Biden
12. What vitamin are oranges rich in?
    A) Vitamin C
13. Which is the largest organ in the human body?
    A) Liver
14. On the banks of which river is the Taj Mahal located?
    A) River Yamuna
15. Which is the national tree of India?
    A) Banyan tree
16. Who kills Arjuna in the Mahabharata before he is brought back to life again?
    A) His son Babruvahana
17. Expand PIN.
    A) Postal index number
18. Expand NEWS.
    A) North East West South
19. Which state is known as the land of the five rivers?
    A) Punjab
20. What is Shravanabelagola famous for?
    A) Statue of Gomateshwara
21. Where is the nearest lighthouse to Udupi located?
    A) Kaup beach
22. Where is the monument of Charminar located?
    A) Hyderabad
23. What fabric is Mysore famous for?
    A) Silk
24. How many days did the war of Mahabharata last?
    A) 18 days
25. How many squares are there on a chess board?
    A) 64
26. Which game is sometimes also called ping pong?
    A) Table tennis
27. On which country did America drop two atomic bombs during the second World war?
    A) Japan
28. Between which two cities is a bullet train being built in India?
    A) New Delhi and Mumbai
29. Where is the famous Meenakshi temple located in India?
    A) Madurai in Tamil Nadu
30. Which state's capital is Bhubaneswar?
    A) Odisha
31. What gas is dissolved in cold drinks like Pepsi and coca cola?
    A) Carbon dioxide
32. Which animal is used in the game of Polo?
    A) Horse
33. Who is the author of the book 'My experiments with Truth'?
    A) Mahatma Gandhi ji
34. Whichever the only two planets in the solar system without a moon?
    A) Mercury and Venus
35. How many rings are present in the Olympics flag?
    A) 5 (each representing a continent)
36. Who was the first Indian woman to go to space?
    A) Kalpana Chawla
37. In which country does the Amazon river flow?
    A) Brazil
38. What is the currency of Japan?
    A) Yen
39. What is the capital of Australia?
    A) Canberra
40. Which is the largest fruit?
    A) Jackfruit
41. What was the old name of Thiruvananthapuram the capital of Kerala?
    A) Trivandrum
42. What is the name given to the imaginary circle that divides the earth into the northern and Southern hemispheres?
    A) Equator
43. Name the Corona vaccine developed by Russia.
    A) Sputnik
44. What is the study of cancer called?
    A) Oncology
45. Who gave the slogan “Delhi Chalo” during the Indian freedom struggle?
    A) Subhash Chandra Bose
46. Expand ICBM
    A) Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
47. Name the president of Russia
    A) Vladimir Putin
48. Expand UNSC
    A) United Nations Secutiry Council
49. What is party symbol of Samajwadi party in Uttar Pradesh?
    A) Cycle
50. Who founded the Vijayanagara empire?
    A) Harihara and Bukka

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