Discover 20 Tips for Effortless Blackboard Usage in classrooms

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A good teacher is the sum of several things done right, an essential thing being Blackboard usage in classrooms. Here are 20 tips for effective and effortless blackboard usage in classrooms.

20 Great tips for Effective Blackboard usage in classrooms for teachers
20 Great tips for Effective Blackboard usage in classrooms for teachers

Essential Stuff required on the Blackboard usage

Date and Day on the left-hand top corner

  1. Period and Specific Lesson on the right-hand top corner
  2. The subject goes to the centre top of the blackboard.
  3. Write from Left to Right

Blackboard usage and the Teacher

  1. If the board is big, divide the board into 2-3 sections
  2. Position yourself at 45 degrees to the plane of the blackboard so that your attention gets equally divided between the stuff you are writing on the blackboard and the students seated behind you.
  3. Handwriting must be legible, neat and understandable by every student.
  4. The letter size must be big enough so that the last bench students can clearly make out the content.

What to write on the blackboard?

  1. Write key points only – Important new words should also make it to the board.
  2. Avoid writing paragraphs.
  3. An exception to this rule is subjects like mathematics, statistics, accountancy, etc wherein the teacher is required to solve the problem entirely on the blackboard.
Blackboard usage - Focus on Students and Board at once.
Blackboard usage – Focus on Students and Board at once.

Chalk Colours

  1. Use at least 2-3 different colours when you want to emphasize points or contrast and compare two things.
  2. Remember that white and yellow are the most visible on blackboards and green boards. Pink and blue are the least visible.
  3. For whiteboards, black and blue are the most visible while the rest are less visible.

Blackboard usage and the Students

  1. Keep interacting with the students and occasionally pause and look back at the students to ensure they are not distracted.
  2. A golden rule is to ask students to focus on what is being taught by listening to you and paying attention to what is being written on the blackboard. Let them know that they will be given separate time to note down the blackboard content in their notebooks.

Blackboard Etiquette

  1. A good practice is to clean the board before your leave the class.
  2. While cleaning the blackboard, dust from top to bottom and never sideways as it may distribute the chalk dust all over.
  3. Occasionally use a wet cloth to give the board a complete clean look.

Additional Tips

  1. Never dust the duster inside the classroom.
  2. Use a chalk holder to accommodate small pieces and also if the chalk dust causes skin allergies.
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