Five Useful Ways to Engage Kids

Engaging a kid is quite a task. More so when so many electronic devices, the idiot box and the internet are all jostling for a slice of your kid’s attention. Kids naturally are attracted to these electronic devices since they offer audio-visual mode of engagement with interaction and feedback. Nothing is more captivating than this.

However, it is imperative we also inculcate good old habits of engagement that are timeless. These other forms of engagement bring about the development of other facets of a child’s personality. Its equally important to catch kids when they are young.

  1. Play
    • Develops Socialization
    • Let the kid play any game, either indoor or outdoor.
    • Parents should take part in the game to encourage the kid
    • Let them learn than winning and losing are part of the game
    • Let their energies flow, let them sweat, get dirty. Its OK.
  2. Reading
    • Develops Self Discovery
    • Read books everyday to kids; leave the book around for the kid to explore later
    • Choose books with engaging pictures and interesting story line.
    • Encourage them to read by introducing books apt for their age.
    • Take them along with you to bookstalls.
    • Present them books instead of chocolates, sweets, etc on gifting occasions.
  3. Listening
    • Develops Mind Impression, Patience
    • Get them to listen to stories narrated by you or from the Internet.
    • Ask them simple questions to test their ability to comprehend
    • Ask them open ended questions to get them to analyze the story. Ex: So, who do you think was right?
  4. Activity
    • Develops Kinesthetics
    • Create small models, origami, etc that promotes hands on learning.
    • Challenge them with DIY kits
    • Gardening, Cooking, Stamp collection could be long term hobbies they can pick up.
  5. Story Telling
    • Develops Confidence
    • Get kids to re-narrate a story you told them in their own words. Tell them that you will help if needed.
    • Provide them a small audience whenever the opportunity presents. Ex: Family dinner time, relatives visiting your house.
    • Praise the child in each attempt.
    • Give 1-2 tips each time to help them improve.



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