Learning Math the Right Way – Part 3/3

Suggest me some methods to get a grip on Math

Math can be a difficult subject to master. However, repeated practice makes mastering Math easy. However, how do I make repetition fun and absorbing?

Here are three time-tested methods that simplify the math. Though the steps are easy, it still requires hard work on your part to make them a habit for life.

Prepare flash cards: Small pocket sized Flashcards 3″ x 2″ in size. Use these cards to record key formulae and facts that you tend to forget. Keep the cards close by for quick glances throughout the day.This helps impress a concept or formula on the mind repeatedly and results in committing it to long term memory.

Work with a friend: A friend who is just as serious as you, if not more, is ideal. Each of you pose two problems to the other and give each other 5 to 10 minutes to solve the problem.  Exchange books after 10 minutes and check the solution. Repeat with a couple more.

Tackle problems one at a time: Select a problem that has been solved correctly by your math teacher or in the textbook. Try solving it without glancing into the solution. Check! Repeat the same problem by substituting numbers.

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