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Mammals are some of the most versatile creatures on the planet. They derive their name from the Latin word ‘mamma’ meaning breast. All mammals share the trait of breastfeeding their young ones.

They comprise a kingdom that includes animals ranging from the Beluga whale to the Humans, from the scaly ant-eater to the bat, from pandas and kangaroos to the flying squirrels.

They are found in every continent and in every habitat. There are aquatic mammals, terrestrial ones, burrowing mammals and even flying mammals.

All mammals share 4 traits

  1. Breastfeed their young ones
  2. Hair on their body
  3. Hinged jaw
  4. 3 tiny bones in the middle ears
Science Quiz on Mammals - The Tallest Mammals on the Planet
The Tallest Mammals on the Planet

There are close to 4500-5000 different types of mammals on the planet. However, the sad part is that a big chunk of them are being driven off the precipice due to man’s activities on the planet. Man’s incessant quest towards progress makes him seek out more and more resources from nature. This unquenchable thirst or greed for resources sweeps aside all other concerns under the carpet, resulting in many mammals facing the danger of complete extermination. About 60% of the mammals in the wild are on the Red List

Here’s a Science quiz on mammals. See how many you can get right.

20 Essential Science Quiz on Mammals

  1. What is the only mammal without teeth?
  2. Name the largest mammal.
  3. Most terrestrial mammals are ‘tetrapods’. What does that mean?
  4. What mammals are the most populous on the planet?
  5. All mammals are w____ b________. They maintain a constant body temperature irrespective of the surrounding temperature.
  6. Which are the only two mammals that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young ones?
  7. What do you call a group of giraffes, the tallest living mammals?
  8. Which mammal converts itself into a tight scaly ball when it feels threatened?
  9. What do you call the group of mammals which have an opposed thumb in their hands that allows them to grip things unlike other mammals?
  10. Which mammal travels the largest distances as part of its migration?
  11. Which is the only mammal to fully walk on its two legs (bipedalism)?
  12. What mammal can drink close to to 150 liters of water at one go?
  13. Which mammal is considered the slowest moving of all?
  14. What mammals native to the Scandinavian countries migrates long distances and is strangely seen to commit mass suicides?
  15. What mammals sleep the longest?
  16. What other mammal has been documented to design effective tools as they go about their day to day routine, other than humans?
  17. What mammals use echolocation – sound waves to locate prey and family members other than bats?
  18. Which mammal’s teeth never stops growing all its life and has an orange hue due to iron present in its enamel?
  19. What nibbling mammals (rodents) are the largest?
  20. The migration of this mammal, in the plains of Serengeti, Africa, happens annually and is one of the most documented migrations. Which one?
Science Quiz on Mammals - Platypus - A living fossil among mammals
Platypus – A living fossil among mammals

Answers to 20 Essential Science Quiz on Mammals

  1. Spiny Scale Ant Eater
  2. Blue Whale – weighing 16,000 kgs
  3. They walk on four limbs
  4. Rats and mice
  5. warm blooded
  6. Echidna and Platypus (considered living fossils)
  7. Tower
  8. Pangolin
  9. Primates
  10. Humpback Whales
  11. Humans
  12. Camel
  13. Sloth (about 4 km per hour)
  14. Lemmings
  15. Koalas – upto 22 hours a day
  16. Chimpanzees – they make and use a variety of tools for foraging, honey collection and protection against insects
  17. Dolphins and whales
  18. Beaver
  19. Capybaras of South America
  20. Wildebeest – Close to 1.3 million wildebeest migrate in massive herds
Science Quiz on Mammals - Sloth - Solitary tree dwelling mammal
Sloth – Solitary tree-dwelling mammal

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