Education can be a tough ride for Students, Teachers, Educators and Parents

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Hi, I am Vijay [B.E., M.B.A, M.A. Psychology]. I have been a 

  • STUDENT – I have been a very successful student and I continue to learn 
  • TEACHER – Am a teacher loved by his students
  • EDUCATOR – An educator who loves to share his knowledge with the teaching community and
  • PARENT – A parent trying to better himself every day.

No, This is not about me.

It is more importantly about why I feel I can Help You in your journey.

I have been through all 4 phases mentioned above (STEP) and I have learnt a lot along the way.

Student Days

As a student, I had struggled at high school. Determined not to let it become the norm, I read, picked up skills, trained myself and mastered the art of study discipline. My efforts bore fruit during my engineering study where I stood First to the University and bagged 7 Gold Medals. My MBA at Nanyang Business School, NTU, Singapore was my next big step as a student. I continued to excel and bagged the First Rank to Nanyang University and became the recipient of the prestigious Ernst and Young Award

Teaching Days

I was a teacher right from my college days. Teaching and interacting with students give me the greatest satisfaction. I still teach students of all ages right up to college. Conducting special workshops, summer camps, competitive exam training for students are my forte. I have even taught my own batch mates when our engineering lecturer was on leave. That was fun :-). I conduct Workshops, take up Guest Lecturing and Immersion Camps for students.

Educator Days

After a 12-year stint in the booming software industry in Bengaluru, the Silicon Valley of India, the education field beckoned at me again. I started a school in Central Karnataka and grew it to 1100 students and 80 teachers. Teacher training, teacher workshops, classroom management, lesson plans, organizing school events, school administration became my forte. I have also authored 4 books to date.


Vijay and Daughter
My Daughter and Me

My wife and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter who has become my teacher. Every day with her is a day fruitfully spent in learning something new. This is one phase which will go on for a long time and I’m glad. 

However, this journey has taught me ONE BIG Thing. The terrain of Education is vast, intimidating and the journey can be tough for Students, Teachers, Educators and Parents alike.

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At UnClog Blog, I am here to help make your journey as smooth as possible. Whether you are a Student, Teacher, Educator or Parent, we have something for you.

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