Make in India – 2-minute Powerful Short Speech for School Students

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Make in India – A 2-minute speech for students on Make in India.

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great-grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and instructive materials in the history of the human race are treasured in India only.

India has achieved the high point of civilization not once but multiple times in history. Ramayana speaks of it. The Mahabharata mentions it again. The height of the Ashokan empire marks it once more. The Golden age of the Guptas is yet another high point.

India has been free from colonial rule for the last 75 years. We are again on our path to greatness. “Make in India” is an initiative by the Government of India to make and encourage companies to develop, manufacture and assemble products in India.

The 3 objectives of Make in India

It has 3 aims

  • One, to increase the manufacturing sector’s growth rate to 12-14% per annum;
  • Two, to create 100 million additional manufacturing jobs in the economy by 2022;
  • Three, to ensure that the manufacturing sector’s contribution to GDP is increased to 25% by 2025
Make in India - Improvement in India's ranking in Ease of Doing Business
Make in India – Improvement in India’s ranking in Ease of Doing Business

Changes brought about by Make in India

PM Modi’s government introduced this program on 25th Sep 2014. The program has brought a lot of changes to the country.

  • We were ranked 100 on the Ease of Doing Business in 2017. In 2019, we ranked 63rd, an improvement of 37 places.
  • India’s Brahmos hypersonic missiles are in demand all over the world
  • India leads in jewellery, and petroleum products and has now started making computer and electronic chips for the world.+
  • Indian rockets are being used to launch satellites of other countries into space.

With 8 years of completion, the Make in India program will propel India to greater heights in the days to come. We will all be proud of our Motherland as she regains her rightful place among the comity of nations.

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